Introducing the Lacquer Cabinet by Nailtini … A Nail Subscription Beauty Box!

A Monthly Fix for Every Lacquer Lover

‘Tini Beauty® Introduces The Lacquer CabinetTM


cock∙tail∙ing [kok-teyl-ing]: the art of layering, mixing and combining

top-shelf nail lacquers to achieve an intoxicating customized look


Get ready to quench your passion for polish like never before! The most exclusive, fashion-forward ‘cocktail of the month’ club is at your fingertips, and there’s no such thing as last call.  ‘Tini Beauty – the brains behind the Eyetini® Bar, Liptini® libations for lips and, of course, Nailtini® cocktails for nails – introduces The Lacquer Cabinet, a subscription membership service that delivers the latest in nail fashion to your doorstep each month.

Keeping with Nailtini’s “cocktailing” philosophy for ultimate customization, this unique program provides the latest, chicest and most sought-after in bespoke nail wear on a one-time-only basis. The twist?  Each limited edition collection features three full-sized polishes designed and curated by a “Guest Mixologist” – your favorite nail artists, bloggers and tastemakers, whose perfectly polished fingers are on the pulse of what is happening in nails.

Feeling inspired? Shake things up by trying your own hand at mixology. Each package also includes two empty mini bottles with brushes and mixing beads so you can step behind the bar and create your own custom concoctions. Use lacquers you choose from your personal collection to whip up a perfect signature blend or whatever adventure in alchemy you feel like stirring up.

The Lacquer Cabinet by Nailtini debuts its first collection in February 2014 at rates of $25 per month, $23/month for a 6-month subscription, or $20/month for a 12-month subscription.  A true happy hour for hands, each collection offers an over- $44 retail value plus free shipping, and members enjoy up to 15% off all ‘Tini Beauty products at for the life of their subscriptions.

So, go ahead and join Nailtini in a toast to customization, collaboration and fabulous nails…delivered!

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