DIY Caviar Manicure: Nail the Beautiful Beaded Look


Jessica Biel’s Caviar Nails

Are you ready for statement nails the Nailtini way? Score Jessica Biel’s caviar inspired nails from the Hitchcock premiere, with our new Champagne Manicure Kits that feature pearlescent bubbles to create a 3D effect.

Nailtini’s Champagne Mani in Gold’s Kit features sophisticated French Gold or dazzling Gold Rush lacquers and can be worn alone or layered. The kit also features translucent white micro-fine glass “bubbles” which can be added to tips, on all nails or only on an accent nail for caviar looking nails that are truly toast-worthy, $20.00.





Prefer richer hues? Try Nailtini’s Champagne Mani in berries Specialty Kit.


This stunning kit comes with high-impact Divatini or semi-sheer Midnight Rose lacquers which can be worn alone or layered (see how versatile this kit is with the looks below)! Then add translucent fuchsia micro-fine glass “bubbles” to tips or an accent nail for your desired look. $20.00



Same kit, different look: 



Nail the caviar mani with tips from ‘Tini Beauty Bar Master/Founder, Michelle Toma Olson:

  • Have the beads ready for application with jar open.
  • Place your hand on top of a clean paper plate.
  • After applying a base coat and/or your chosen polish, liberally douse your nails with the micro beads. Sprinkle the beads over your nail(s) until they are completely covered.
  • Use the residual beads that fall off the nails for your second hand, or pour the rest back into the jar.
  • Carefully press down on each nail to ensure the caviar beads stick to the nail polish. Make sure you use a clean dry finger pad when pushing beads into the nail polish.
  • When nails are completely dry, add one coat of top coat nail to seal your nails.

Which of these kits would you love to try? Tell us in the comments. 



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