Be a BANG-ing Beauty

Are you stuck in a beauty rut? Bangs are just the thing to update your look without a lot of commitment. Fringe is flirty and fun plus if you decide you’re not crazy about them, you can pin them back in a braid or pull them to the side until they grow out.  For those who are not ready to commit, check out clip-in bangs like these from celeb hair stylist, Ken Paves. 

Bangs can make you look younger, something many women want. For those who already get carded when ordering their favorite cocktail, the key to rocking this trend without looking like a 12 year old is to play up lips or eyes.

Bangs draw attention to eyes so play them up with a fun eye look such as the always-sexy and gorgeous smokey eye, a la Kim Kardashian.


Get her look by defining your peepers with the Eyetini Swizzle Stick Mechanical Eyeliner in Black Stripe. This paraben-free eyeliner resists smudging and fading and will never need sharpening. And when it comes to lashes, size does matter. Finish the look by curling lashes and applying two coats of Eyetini Magnum Lash-Intensifying Mascara in Black Russian.  The magnifying mascara brush serves up longer, thicker, darker lashes and coupled with our high-pigment formula, our mascara is worthy of being called the champagne of mascaras.

Another sophisticated take on the bang trend is pairing it with bold lipstick as seen on the gorgeous Rashida Jones. Notice she looks young yet polished with her wispy bangs, red lips and dangling earrings.

Channel your inner siren and get screen-worthy lips with Vampire Kiss by Terri Apanasewicz for Liptini. This limited edition shade looks absolutely stunning finished with Liptini Topper Lipgloss in Cherry Fizz. This lustrous, bleed-resistant gloss is a sheer juicy-red spiked with ruby shimmer.

Blunt cut, wispy or side-swept, what’s your favorite kind of fringe? Tell us in the comments. 


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