Summer 2013 Nail Trends For All Ages

Summer nails are all about saturated color.  Here’s how to wear if you’re in your:



Ipsy’s shout-out to Pantone inspired us to create this nail cocktail using tahiti breeze plus admiral perry & blue carnation as garnish…cheers to serving the shades of the season!

The sky’s the limit for youthful nails and toes.  Go with the hottest hues of the season – blues, greens, turquoises – for both.  Better yet, combine them all in ultra-hip ombre, marbleized or striped manicure looks.  Our pick:  Nailtini Straight Up Nail Lacquer in Tahiti Breeze.


Watermelon pink says serious summer style, especially garnished with contrasting stripes on an accent nail.  Just the perfect amount of style and flair, whether office hours or happy hour.  Our pick:  Nailtini Straight Up Color in Madras, accented with Classic Rita, Parfait Amour and Tahiti Breeze stripes.



You can still rock the trends, but best to limit the edgiest ones to toes and keep it simple on hands.  Get your bright on with an eye-catching yet classy tangerine hue like Nailtini Straight Up Nail Lacquer in Mai Tai, garnished with a gilded ombre Millionaire accent nail to catch the sunlight

50s & beyond


Vibrant colors with too much red can make hands look ruddy and bring out imperfections, so stick with yellower or bluer tones when choosing polish.  A sherbet-y peach like Nailtini Peach Puree is gorgeous on demure squoval nails, especially accented with a “bubble” of Pina Colada shimmer.

What’s your favorite look? Tell us in the COMMENTS.


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